Funlux Cameras Review

If you think Funlux security systems look eerily similar to Zmodo systems, that’s because they are. Funlux is a trademarked brand of Zmodo and seems to be part of an effort to rebrand their product, considering Zmodo doesn’t have the greatest reputation among Internet reviewers.

Still, an affordable security camera system warrants further inspection. But what sets Funlux apart from Zmodo besides branding? We’ll cover cost, setup and installation, and overall impressions as we unbox the latest affordable home security camera system from Funlux.

Things to watch out for during setup

  • Network preference. If you have multiple wireless networks at home, like me, make sure your mobile device is connected to the network you want your system on. I ran into some trouble initially because my phone automatically connects to a separate Wi-Fi than the router I had plugged my system into.
  • Plug in, set up and test all your cameras before anchoring them to their desired locations. I decided to screw in one of the security cameras before I had connected it to the system and I wasn’t getting a good signal for setup. I had to take it down and bring it back into the same room as my router in order for it to register the new device.

Do Funlux cameras run on AC or battery?

This was a huge bummer for me. I keep waiting for a company to develop a functional, battery-powered Wi-Fi camera. Though battery-powered cameras have their own pitfalls, it would be nice to have the option. As it stands, each camera needs to be plugged into an outlet, which is pretty standard, but extremely limits where I can place them outside my home. The few AC power outlets outside my house are easily accessible (on the front porch and back porch). A battery option could serve as a backup in a power outage situation or if someone unplugged the camera.

Does Funlux have alerts/notifications?

When a camera senses motion or picks up an image, it triggers the system to send an alert to your phone. We were, however, unable to test this feature ourselves because the Wi-Fi cameras failed to connect with the main device, despite considerable effort on our part.

How do I monitor Funlux footage?

The main source of monitoring is through the MeShare app for your mobile device, available on both the Apple and Android stores. The system requires setup through this app but allows you to access your footage on a monitored display, as shown in the video.

What’s the customer service like?

Problems connecting the Wi-Fi cameras meant I got to experience the Funlux customer service firsthand, which was less than impressive. In fact, as of the time of this writing, I’m still waiting to hear back from their tech support. Funlux support needs to improve in several areas before we’d feel comfortable recommending their product.

Where we’d like to see improvement:

  • Better response time. So far, Funlux customer support communicates strictly through email. A 1–2 business day turnaround does little to ease frustration when encountering technical issues with a product—especially when the main selling point is a “Quick & Easy Setup.”
  • More comprehensive FAQ section inside the app. The problem I experienced was not addressed in this section. Instead of tackling a potential camera connection problem, the FAQ only mentions the NVR device, which connected for me just fine.
  • In-app customer support. While the app gives you the ability to share devices within the app and monitor video feeds from your phone, it would be nice if the same app provided some sort of customer support beyond a limited FAQ. Even listing the hotline number within the app would go a long way.

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